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About PunLib

The concept of PunLib was born out of the designing of a small individual website for District Library, Ropar in Punjab, INDIA as a classroom project. Afterwards the project was expanded to cover other 13 District libraries and one State Central Library as well. So from a website for an individual library it became a portal comprising all the libraries of the system and has been made available under one generic name,

But this is not all. There are further plans to expand the project. Initially public libraries in the nearby states will be covered but eventually whole of the India will be listed state wise. Of course it will take time and would need a lots of co-operation from the concerned individuals.

You can help build the directory. If you are working for a public library or are a regular visitor to any such library and want to have a page for your favorite library on the then you can approach us any of the three ways,

  • Fill up this form and send to us, or
  • You can write to us with all the details of the library at our mailing address, or
  • You can send us email at


Try to include as much information as possible. If you are not working for the library then try to include contact details of at least one person from the library. This information can be useful at some later stage or for verifying any of the facts. The information will be kept confidential if so desired (read privacy policy).

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