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Best View

Dear Visitor,

Most of the site design is done using Chrome and IE browsers and the screen resolution of 1280 X 1024 and text size as Medium.

The page has been tested on,
Internet Explorer 8
Site Works fine with IE, only the fixed 'Feedback' link at the extreme right scrolls with the page, it should not. Resolved. A DTD did the wonder.
Chrome 13
Works best with Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox 3, 4,
Works OK. The common menu bar at the top expands vertically a little bit.
Opera 11
Works OK. Only an link falls down to the next row on the common bar at the top.
SeaMonkey 2.2
Works OK. Has the same problem as with Mozilla Firefox
Opera Mini 5.1
Displays best on common mobile screen with Opera Mini 5.1 browser.
Safari 5.1
Displays fine and works OK on Safari 5.1.
Displays fine and every part is functional.
Space Time 3D
The site behaves just like it does on Internet Explorer, there are some problem with the floating feedback button on the right.
PunLib displays as best as a website can on a text only browser. It is fully functional only images are missing along with colours and page formattings. All content matter is there and links are active as for a normal browser.

If you find any discrepencies/problems in viewing/accessing PunLib or find any broken links feel free to report the same at

Kindly Visit Again,

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